Key Manufacturers

wollin rimrock abb robotics automation for die castingAutomation for Die Casting includes used die casting machine automation including robots, auto-ladles, ladlers, reciprocating and linear die sprayers; manufacturers include: Rimrock, Advance Products, ABB, Fanuc, Snair, and Wollin. While this page doesn't describe all of them, we hope to give you an overview and description of the major companies.

Rimrock, founded in 1956, is a premier supplier of automation products and integration services. Rimrock specializes in the manufacture of automatic lubrication systems and has expanded its product line to include cold chamber high pressure trim press machinerysprayers, ladles, finishing equipment, extractors and turnkey robotic systems. Rimrock can design, manufacture, and install ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, and Gudel robot based systems.

Wollin is a world-wide company with twenty-five years experience in developing die spraying systems for the die casting industry. These innovative die sprayers allow die casters to optimize cycle times, reduce waste and reduce die lube consumption. Their knowledge and experience working with the world's best die casters and die cast machine builders has guided Wollin to produce die spraying systems that fit the needs of the die casting industry.